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Vilas County boasts many well known lakes - Little Spider (Gaffney) is an often overlooked lake due to the limited knowledge on the boat landing location. It is a 235 acre clean lake with no inlet or outlet. The lake bottom consists of sand, gravel as the majority of its base. The weed growth includes lily pads, cabbage and pickerelweed. Spring and fall offer good chances for trophy musky, largemouth and small mouth bass as well as some walleye and northern pike along with an abundant amount of panfish. There are stocking programs on this lake and natural reproduction of walleye seems to be occurring as well. Renters have caught musky well over 50” and have even caught over 25” walleye ice fishing!


Little Spider Lake's weed lines provide the majority of fishing attraction, however, there are several bays where drowned wood, laydowns and crib structure and opportunities there should not be overlooked. A map of this lake is provided in our binder located in each cabin. With the boat landing located close to Lake Rest Cabins, it is very easy to put in and take out. Enjoy!